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notspecific's Journal

a bamf vegtable
16 August
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❝ sha sha the cha cha ❞
➥ given to me by my brother. way back in ancient time, we would watch some soap opera together, and there was this latino music as the opening. when it would come on, we would both dance with each other, and my mother would joke that i was a natural born cha cha dancer. thus sha sha the cha cha was born

❝ chari ❞
➥ my name is very compatible with people apparently, especially with my friend char. char shari. if you do one of dem fancy celebrity name mash ups, you get 'chari' it's a double nickname, that works for me and char. because we're magic like that. yeah.

❝ sharidoor ❞
➥ once upon a time, in the land of vat chat, myself and dana were using each other's name and adding -butt to them. shaributt, danabutt, and those eventually turned into sharibum and danabottom. from then, they just kept changing and changing until we got to inanimate objects, and eventually the birth of sharidoor and danadoor

❝ indie python ❞
➥ given to me by thair. once in dance class, i jumped onto this one guy's back. i wrapped my legs around him, and i have freakishly long legs, so it looked like they wrapped around him like fourteen times. thair stated that i looked like a python, and that i was suffocating the poor guy. then, when i got off the guy, the shirt i was wearing said 'indie: lovers to the left'. and that's where indie python came from.

❝ sexy cat mreow ❞
➥ my initials are 's. c.', and one day at school we were coming up with replacement names for people. there was 'e.d' - erectile dysfunction, and 's.m' - scary midget. i ended up with sexy cat. MRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREOW

❝ a bamf/edible vegtable ❞
➥ ... this one is hard to explain. here, have an aim convo.

[22:52] Anna <3: ANNA: 1. SHARI: .1
[22:52] Shari: * ANNA: -100.
[22:52] Shari: SHARI: 9000+
[22:54] Anna <3: ANNA: /IS GOKU
[22:54] Anna <3: SHARI: /IS VEGETA-BLE
[22:55] Shari: /A BAMF VEGETA-BLE
[22:55] Anna <3: /AN EDIBLE VEGETABLE >D
[22:55] Shari: .......THAT IS MY NEW NAME ON LJ
[22:55] Shari: /CHANGES--
[22:55] Shari: AJSKHDKJADS
[22:55] Anna <3: BUAHAHAHAAHAHA